You have an idea and want to visualize it in a first step? It is important to you to see a first draft of your new website or portal early in the project?

Then you have come to the right place. Already after the first workshops in the project, we start with prototype development. This gives us the opportunity to combine your ideas with our expertise and introduce initial iterations early in the project to improve the systems. We basically use two different tools for this.

Moqups for applications

For our portals we use the tool With it we create a prototype of the system which is iteratively revised and supplemented with the customers. Depending on the state of the project, the prototypes are therefore elaborated to different depths. From wireframes, which only show / define the position of elements on a page, to a detailed and clickable prototype with all design elements.

XD for website designs

For websites, we rely on the Adobe Experience Palette and primarily use Adobe XD. With it, we create the website designs and design the individual elements such as colors, typography, buttons, icons, etc. Adobe XD offers extensive functions, which also allow the website design to be interactive, so that individual effects (e.g. horizontal scrolling) can be visualized directly in the prototype.

Advantages of Prototyping

Prototyping offers very many advantages. At an early stage of the project, prototypes can be used to visualize an initial idea. In addition, they support the decision-making process for or against different variants of e.g. designs. Prototypes can also be used for initial user testing. Thus, it can be ensured from the beginning that the later system serves the benefit of the user.

Prototype development by cloudtec

We are your partner and support you in prototype development.

Moqups, the tool we use for interactive prototypes

Do you need support in creating or developing a prototype? Would you like to carry out your project with a partner who provides you with a visual representation of your ideas right from the start? Then you have come to the right place! Contact us via the contact form so that we can look at your project together.