Docker Swarm Management


Portainer is a popular Docker Swarm user interface that allows us to visualize and configure our containers, images, volumes, and networks in a higher-level manner.

Portainer provides an open source-based, intuitive and easy-to-implement GUI for Docker that enables management of containers, volumes, etc.

The container view provides different ways to manage containers in an environment. Portainer provides all the basic functionality for managing images and containers. Images can be linked to the registry so that they are automatically downloaded. Portainer helps manage the various Dockerfiles.

Our Portainer Infrastructure

In addition to individual containers, Portainer also offers the option of defining entire stacks of containers. The Docker Compose format is used to define the stack. 

Application templates are a feature of Portainer that is not directly available in Docker. These are predefined containers for which some options, such as the image to be used, port mappings and volumes, are already predefined. 

Portainer convinces us with its thoughtful implementation of Docker standard features, a simple yet powerful interface for managing containers, images and stacks.