Connecting legacy systems to the network

Legacy System

Is your application completely isolated from the network? Replacing old applications is sometimes highly complicated. This is one of the reasons why many are still in use. If you consciously decide to continue working with an old system that does not offer an interface solution, ways must and can be found to connect it to the network.

There are various different approaches and, depending on the system, different options for how this connection can be made. For example:

  • Export the data into a computer readable format (CSV, Excel, XML)
  • Synchronize this export with a web server, via SFTP transfer
  • Direct connection of the database / make it available as an API
  • Read and write the data directly from the application, with software automation programs _COPY0

This discipline, which belongs to Middleware Engineering , requires a high degree of technical expertise. Our interface specialists bring this expertise to the various operating systems and server environments so that your legacy system can be successfully connected to an online platform or a web application. Do you have any questions? - Please contact us!