Product Information Management

Akeneo's Product Information Management (PIM) system helps you centrally manage and optimize all technical and marketing-relevant information related to your products. Be it comprehensive product descriptions, product images or technical data such as dimensions, specifications or ingredients.

With Akeneo's PIM, this information is managed and optimized by all involved employees in the same database. Thus, Akeneo provides you with a guaranteed single version of truth and prevents the decentralized storage of product information that is important for sales. Centralized management of product information by means of PIM software is highly recommended in the case of a large number of products, sales channels or in the international market with different prices, languages and characteristics of the articles. 

The Akeneo PIM (akeneo.com) is available as open source solution, the solution is based on the Symfony framework. We at cloudtec are Symfony specialists. We develop individual extensions for the Akeneo PIM, especially interfaces, data transformers, reference entities and customized export interfaces. Akeneo PIM in combination with the Sylius e-commerce solution, our plattfrom stack and cloudtec's competences, enables you to do great things.

The Akeneo PIM basically covers three areas of product management:


  • You can migrate existing product information from your ERP systems or supplier databases.
  • By connecting specialized partner tools, the functionality of the PIM can be continuously expanded.
  • Non-existing data records can be completely recreated.
  • Inconsistent data records and product information are automatically cleaned up or can be edited manually.
  • Consistent data records can be created and maintained by prioritizing the respective data sources.


  • You can enrich your existing products with marketing or technical information at any time and categorize them.
  • By classifying products and their information, you can assign them to different catalogs and collections.
  • If you have created a product in one language, Akeneo PIM gives you the possibility to translate these products into numerous languages.
  • You can organize the lifecycle of your data and define review intervals and workflows.
  • With Akeneo you can check existing data for timeliness, completeness and redundancy.


  • You have the option to assign all products to different distribution channels. Be it e-commerce, mobile apps, print or point of sales applications.
  • You can compile data catalogs that you want to assign to the respective distribution channels.
  • Akeneo handles the export of data records to external tools such as web-to-print software to efficiently produce print catalogs or upload data records to an online store.

Case Study PIM

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