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Custom software development

The development of individual software solutions with Symfony is our core business. We realize frontend and backend applications, specific software architectures, prototypes and full-fledged web applications for you. We are committed to your concerns and advise you objectively.

Based on Symfony we realize a wide range of software solutions. This includes web platforms, applications for internal use, web-based specialist applications and portals. After development, we offer you the operation of these applications quasi as Software as a Service at. This ensures sustainability without you having to worry about hosting, maintenance or further development .

We undertake the following and other software developments:

  • Web and customer portals
  • Portals with integrations to CRM, ERP or other primary systems
  • Financial applications
  • E-commerce solutions
  • Productivity tools
  • Business applications for very specific use cases
  • Workflows combined with portals
  • Solutions for collaborative working supported by processes
  • Applications for process automation
  • Replacement or cloud transformation of legacy software

Technology leaders are those companies that are far ahead with the introduction of new IT tools and use efficiency gains to generate new customers and improve their competitiveness against their competitors.

The next five years usher in the next era of massive technological progress. Now that fast Internet connections and permanent connectivity with smartphones have reached global market maturity and are being used by the masses, there will be a new wave of innovation that will strive for better solutions. Solutions that must meet the high expectations of customers and use modern technology.

Symfony Experts, Custom Software Development

We deal intensively with new technologies, we help companies to use them successfully and enable them to realize modern business models based on Symfony and other web technologies. Innovation promotes fast action and agile adaptation to the increasingly global market environment. New individual solutions have to be found to meet the ever faster growing requirements.

That's why customized web-based online platforms are our core business.

Our commitment to consulting and development includes everything from front-end and back-end solutions to specific software architectures, cloud and SaaS solutions, and full-fledged web applications. Take advantage of the new wave of technology. We actively support and advise you in this and are your link between business development and software development.

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