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How do you develop the right product for the right market so that the end result is a competitive advantage over the competition? A product that is novel, original, user-friendly and for which customers are willing to pay?

It all starts with the requirements! These must be available quickly in order to keep the time-to-market small. They must be of a good quality so that it is clear to the software developers what they should develop. And they must be complete enough for the testers to test the finished software. But in many cases, the necessary resources, comprehensive technical competence, expertise and methodological knowledge are lacking to set the course for project success as early as the requirements specification stage. Management expectations of project teams are high, and if positive results are to be achieved, this requires an effective approach during the requirements phase.


A project is characterized by a defined goal, predefined framework conditions (deadlines, budget, resources) and its uniqueness. Project success lies in the bundling and implementation of the relevant stakeholder needs. Crucial to success is project management. Much depends on the project manager's approach, planning and experience. Equally important are his communication skills as well as his social competence to lead and motivate a team.

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