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cloudtec has been developing award-winning digital annual reports for listed companies for years.

Every joint-stock company, limited liability company, association, cooperative and foundation is obliged to submit an annual report for the previous financial year. Nowadays, however, many companies that are exempt from this obligation also do so, as the annual report has become a marketing tool.

The annual report provides information about the profitability of the company, the company's strategy and the annual financial statements.

Many companies nowadays do this via an online presence, such as ZKB or Valora. 

What belongs in an annual report? 

  • The management report - this shows the company's strategy and its goals.
  • Corporate governance section - this is where the board of directors and shareholders introduce themselves.
  • Financial report - the financial report presents the figures for the financial year (balance sheet, income statement, notes, audit report, etc.).

Annual report as an image tool

  • Larger companies are also focusing more and more on the general presentation of the company with further information such as "sustainability" and showing what the company is doing in these areas.
  • Companies are taking the opportunity to present themselves from a slightly different angle than just presenting the figures.

Advantages of the online annual report

  • The absolute minimum is that you make the annual report available as a PDF on the company website.
  • But what are the advantages of making the annual report available online, digitally,  ? There are actually some advantages, which are indispensable!

More reader reach 

  • The report is available to all users 24/7 and can be reached centrally by all target groups.


  • Videos or beautiful animations can be integrated without any problems. This way you can present and communicate the company to the visitor even better.

Search engine optimization

  • The company will rank better in Google search, as the content of the company website can be linked to. In addition, the annual report can be easily shared on social media channels.

Conversion analysis

  • If the annual report is digitized, then the company can analyze the conversions with Matomo, for example, and can push content in the next annual report in a targeted manner.


  • When you make the annual report available online, you also help the environment because less paper is used.


Every year, annual reports are judged and awarded prizes based on various criteria. The Harbourclub analyzes the annual reports based on these criteria and thus compiles a ranking list. The rating is published on the following page:

cloudtec ranked 3rd overall in 2022 with Valora annual report:
3rd place (out of 237) with Valora GB 2020

cloudtec landed in the top 10 in 2021 with two online business reports:
2nd place in the online ranking with Valora GB 2020
9th place in the online ranking with ZKB GB 2020

Our offer

We provide support in the conception and design of the annual report and implement it for web viewing. 

For the following you have come to the right place:

  • Consulting
  • Conception of the website of the annual report
  • Design of the annual report
  • Content creation, according to strictly regulated norms
  • Dynamic preparation of the figures
  • Many years of experience with annual reports (for several years Valora + ZKB annual reports and Landis+Gyr)

We take care of your data. We know that business figures must be treated with extreme confidentiality and handle this information accordingly. We develop exclusively in Bern in Switzerland and store the data on a server in Zurich.

Business Report References


Zürcher Kantonalbank

Online business report for bank

One of the top ten online annual reports according to the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2021. In 2021 we created a new online annual report for Zürcher Kantonalbank.

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Valora Annual Report

Online annual report for listed company

One of the top three in the Swiss annual report rating. In 2022, we again had the pleasure of launching one of the top online annual reports with Valora.

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