Stability, continuous service and security

Operation, maintenance and further development

A web platform requires certain maintenance in order to be operated in the long term. This consists on the one hand of hosting (server operation) and maintenance (updating software). In addition to the system-related updates, we actively support you in further developing your platform to meet the needs of your customers with new functions.

Your online platform should be a solution that can be used and further developed over many years. It should be appreciated and enjoyed by users and customers and position itself successfully on the market. In many projects, the initial budget is of great importance. However, little attention is paid to further development. The implemented result loses importance until it is replaced at some point. We are convinced that it is important to develop web platforms permanently and to promote progress and innovation in a targeted way. With a fixed allocated budget, projects can be set up for the long term and their permanence can be ensured.

Service Desk and Support Process

In order to provide you with excellent and measurable service quality, cloudtec has set up a Service Desk. Here you can enter and track your support requests and change requests directly online. Another advantage of the service desk is that you always have an overview of the status of all work and requests throughout the company.

Service continuity concept

In order to be able to operate your online platforms, at a high level of quality for a long time, we rely on proven testing and quality measures right from the start to ensure long-term operation and expandability. Various monitoring tools help us to monitor the services.

Opsgenie: This is where all the fault reports from the various systems flow together. Depending on the malfunction, there are automated escalation rules, which then alert the respective responsible persons. On the code level, we have software that logs exceptions and alerts us internally. These are usually errors that remain hidden, so Sentry helps us to improve the code quality in a sustainable way. 

SLA contracts

Within the scope of maintenance contracts and SLA contracts, we offer a standby service for troubleshooting. If a guaranteed response time and troubleshooting is required, we are happy to offer this additionally in accordance with our standard SLA contracts.

A long, good and efficient partnership

We are looking for customers with whom we can work together on a long-term basis. A web platform / online solution should be able to operate for at least 5 to 7 years. Maybe you are our next customer? We are looking forward to hearing from you.