APIs and interfaces

APIs and interface programming

Networking platforms. Networking requires interfaces. As experts for APIs and interfaces, this is exactly where we come in. We connect specialist applications and various systems to our platform and ensure trouble-free data exchange.

All systems are connected via our integration layer. Once connected, we can extract, transform and prepare data for further processing within the platform, depending on the interface. 

Based on your requirements, we design internal as well as external APIs. This makes integration between front-end, back-end and peripheral systems much easier. Data can be made available to third parties in a controllable and structured form.

We use the following technologies

  • API platform
  • RabbitMQ
  • Azure Service Bus
  • Symfony Messenger
APIs are integrated at cloudtec via the integration layer.

Visit Cloud Architecture and Platform Hosting to learn more about how APIs are integrated within a platform.

cloudtec - your API integrator

Cloudtec develops and operates modern APIs that help to connect software with its partners and customers. Our proven subject matter experts understand how to design APIs from the ground up and iteratively bring them to maturity. A well-programmed API is a groundbreaking tool for companies.

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APIs - the glue for digitization

API development

Interfaces for professional, transaction-safe data exchange.

Interface development

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Middleware Engineering

Integration layer for optimal and reliable information flow.

Connect specialist application

Integrate and synchronize primary systems.

Data migration and integration

Transfer your existing data to online platforms.

Connect legacy systems

We get the data from every application into the network.

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