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The first thing is to understand the project. What is it about and what needs to be done to achieve the goal? To do this, the required deliverables and work of the project are divided hierarchically into smaller units so that they can be better estimated and managed. The result of this work is a work breakdown structure. At the lowest level, all the work (user stories) required to achieve the project goal is listed. At this level, the effort can then be reasonably estimated. We use the story mapping technique for this.

As a basis for planning and budgeting, the effort of the project must be estimated. One possible method used by cloudtec is the "Min-Max-Method". This empirical method is based on the experience of the estimators and uses a systematics with which gross misestimations can be avoided. Since the actual effort is influenced by many factors, there can be no right or wrong estimate. Thus, estimating cannot be compared with measuring. It is only a matter of obtaining the most reasonable possible assumptions for planning.

Thanks to our innovative platform configurator, we can provide you with a rough cost estimate for your project in just a few steps.

Good change management

There are changes in every project. The success of a project therefore depends on good change management. This is the art of dealing with changes in the right way. Changes occur due to errors, new or changed requirements and necessary design corrections. Not every change per se represents a risk for the project. Often it is just a normal side effect.

The big challenge is to recognize the often insidious changes in time, to analyze their consequences correctly and to derive the necessary measures. Once changes have been identified, they must be recorded in detail, reviewed like normal project requirements and taken into account in planning. Feedback to the stakeholders and the adjustment of the expected effort and the planned deadlines are particularly important.

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