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SaaS, short for Software as a Service, means that the software is hosted and operated in the cloud. Users of the software can access the application directly via web browser without installation. As expected, the SaaS market has experienced immense growth in recent years and there is no prospect of the trend leveling off.

Many applications are being newly developed and offered as web-based products. Various pricing models, e.g. monthly rental per user, are changing the way companies use software and design business models.

Software as a Service can be used to bring services closer to customers, business partners, interested parties and other users in the form of web platforms and to retain them in the long term with new information, functions and innovations.

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We operate and develop successful SaaS solutions

SaaS is operated in the cloud and runs on its own cloud infrastructure. This must be dimensioned accordingly so that agile growth is possible. Other factors such as redundancy, data security and data protection also play an important role in the design.

We operate various SaaS solutions to meet the different requirements of our customers. For SaaS applications, we use our platform stack, which is built on Symfony and Sylius , an open source PHP application framework. Web applications offer limitless possibilities. Our expertise lies in taking your business requirements properly and transforming them into a working web application through interactive programming.

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