Swiss market in focus

E-Commerce Switzerland

We are a Swiss company based in Bern and provide e-commerce solutions for Switzerland and the international market. In the next 5 years, the market share of e-commerce is expected to increase everywhere. Position yourself today for the customers of tomorrow.

Is it still worth getting into e-commerce? People are trusting the Internet more and more. More robust and secure payment methods as well as better and more user-friendly websites encourage online shopping. New business models and subscription-based services are in demand. Basically, the requirements for an e-commerce solution are not country-specific.

The e-commerce solution we use, Sylius, allows us to integrate any systems. We have already developed interfaces and integrations with all the providers listed below. 

Relevant for Switzerland are payment providers such as:

For shipping, integrations via APIs are useful with:

Popular ERP and accounting systems such as:

Bexio is particularly suitable for sending invoices. Since in Bexio QR invoices with individualized layout can be generated via the API. This allows you to generate an invoice from the online store, send it to the customer in the confirmation email and monitor the receipt of payment via automated reconciliation between the bank and Bexio. The Bexio API V3 provides an endpoint for virtually all functions within Bexio. In this respect, enterprise grade solutions can be implemented with a low-cost ERP.

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