Continuous development and quality control

Continuous Integration

Your online platform, application or enterprise website should flourish and be able to constantly adapt to the needs of users. That's why we strive for long-term cooperation with our customers - to continuously ensure the functionality and timeliness of the platform.

Regular releases and updates help to keep the software up to date and relevant for your customers. For this, we rely on Continuous Integration to keep the quality of the software releases constantly at a high level.

Main reasons why we rely on Continuous Integration:

  • Reduction of the amount of work required for each individual software release.
  • The possibility to agilely add further software releases to the delivered product at any time.
  • Clear structures and defined processes that increase software quality and minimize sources of error.

For cloudtec, Continuous Integration consists of the following points in particular:

  • Versioning system (Git), which monitors and documents every changed line of code.
  • Automated build- and release processes.
  • Each release (push) into the versioning system builds the latest software release and triggers automated unit and acceptance tests.
  • The software build must successfully pass all testsbefore a release can be made
  • A central server monitors all releases and test results and has reporting tools to constantly monitor code quality.
  • A traffic light system that shows us which releases are stable and which are faulty.
  • The "fix first before you deploy" policy helps us to ensure that only stable builds are uploaded to the acceptance servers.