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Headless e-commerce with Sylius

The e-commerce world is undergoing a renewal in terms of software architecture. Away from monolithic systems, towards modular, adaptable and flexible business platforms connected via interfaces or APIs. Headless architecture is the new way to implement your e-commerce solutions or business platforms.

The headless approach is gaining popularity in the implementation of business platforms. In the past, e-commerce website traffic for e-commerce was mainly generated via web browsers and the sales process was kept relatively clear and simple. That's why monolithic solutions with a fixed frontend and backend were able to gain acceptance and are used by many companies today. These include store systems such as Magento or Prestashop.

Evolution of the e-commerce architecture

Business platforms with e-commerce integration

Today's business requirements are more demanding because sales take place via a wide variety of contact points and channels. The products and services sold via e-commerce should be combined so that, for example, a click & collect is possible directly in the store or lessons for the use of the product are still sold with the product.  

It needs more flexibility for the enterprises and their E-Commerce solutions, today whole Business platforms are developed, which carry enterprises in the long term and their success secure.

As B2B e-commerce becomes more prevalent, interest in headless architecture is on the rise. Gone are the days when the website was just an online catalog to showcase products. B2B and BC2 now need to sell online to stay relevant and meet customer demands. Instead of purchasing a standalone e-commerce software with various features that are not even used, you need a modular solution to simplify e-commerce while creating a seamless connection to your existing and proven systems . An online store is not a CMS, a CMS (e.g. SULU) has its own strengths and should be able to be combined with the online store (e.g. Sylius). An ERP, regardless of the age of the system, must be able to be connected. Product management runs through a central PIM (e.g. Akeneo), so that the information for the various sales channels is clearly segmented. The merging of CRM (e.g. Salesforce) with the purchases in the store, but perhaps also in-store contacts must be able to be guaranteed and run via the business platform.
To accomplish this, it is important that the software used is based on an API-first architecture, so that information can be easily exchanged via interfaces and the architecture can be designed modularly.

Key benefits of headless architecture

  • More flexible choice of solution providers (reduced vendor lock-in)
  • Maximum flexibility in implementation (combination of best-of-breed software products)
  • Module-based updates and software renewals (no big bang)
  • Faster integrations (MVP - Most Viable Product)
  • More focus on user experience and channel delivery
  • API architecture for scaling the business (marketplaces, etc.)

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In the area of e-commerce, we rely on Sylius. A open source solution, which meets today's requirements and offers us maximum flexibility. Sylius is an e-commerce toolbox, with many standard modules and components that are customized accordingly to individualize your store.

E-commerce is complex and it requires a lot of technical know-how. Standard solutions are often no longer sufficient. The trend is away from monolithic systems to modular, adaptable and flexible business platforms connected via interfaces (APIs). The headless architecture is the new way to implement your e-commerce solutions or business platforms .

Do you want an e-commerce solution that is tailored to your offer, inspires your customers and leads them specifically to action? We develop such a solution for you!

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