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Open Source Solutions

cloudtec relies on open source software solutions because they allow us to freely modify the code to create customized software. With open source, different systems can be connected to create optimal all-round solutions.

As application framework we use Symfony and Sylius. As CMS (Content Management System) we use SULU CMS or for smaller projects situatively Wordpress. All systems are freely available and were developed with the programming language PHP. For you as a customer this means that we will never charge you for this software.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is software that is freely available and whose source code is openly exposed. This allows other developers to modify the code and adapt it to their own needs. In other types of software, such as closed source software, the code can only be changed by the person, team or company that created the code. The software is therefore owned by the creator. Microsoft Word or Adobe Photoshop are examples of closed source software. To use this software, license fees must be paid and a license agreement must be accepted.

Many programmers prefer Open Source Software, because they can analyze the code to make sure that the software really does what it promises. Since the source code is viewed by many programmers, the chance increases that software bugs, security holes, etc. will be found and fixed promptly. Whether open source is really more secure than closed source software is an open debate. With closed source, the attacker cannot analyze the source code to find potential vulnerabilities. If a gap has been found, only the software manufacturer itself can fix it and apply it to the systems through a patch. If a company goes bankrupt or stops supporting an application, security patches are no longer produced and the closed source software becomes a security risk.

cloudtec - Your Open Source Integrator

Since 2011 we rely on open source and build web platforms, websites and any web applications. Our subject matter experts integrate open source solutions into your existing environment, advise you during software design and support you during further development.