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Transformation to the platform business model

Platform business is one of the central megatrends in today's digitalized world. We pave the way for you in the technical implementation and support you with advice.

Today's markets are changing faster than ever before, and to continue to succeed in such an environment requires the right business strategy. To differentiate yourself from your competitors and secure a unique market position, you need to be able to change product cycles, introduce new technologies and adapt quickly and accurately to changing consumer behavior.

There are (almost) no limits to the possible uses of online platforms . They can now be found in almost every area of application, be it
e-commerce. customer loyalty, production, e-health or administration.

For companies, this raises the challenging question of how to build such an online platform and which internal and customer needs it should actually fulfill.
This is by no means a trivial question and often the future success of the company depends on the success of the new online platform.

UI & UX: Making the platform user-friendly and self-explanatory

Instead of thinking customer centric as in linear business models, the focus in designing a platform should be on user interaction, as users with different roles and needs interact on the platform. Our consulting also includes UI & UX topics. 

Technology stack: defining the right platform architecture

All platforms require basic components consisting of infrastructure, software, data, interfaces and GUI. Depending on the business model, the right components need to be defined and deployed. Our technical consulting addresses exactly these topics. Learn more about our platform stack, which forms the basis of each platform.

Prototyping: Exploratory development of the business model

Consulting is explorative with us. We design ideas and show what is possible in mockups and prototypes. These ideas trigger various processes that challenge the scope of the platform, but also the business model. 

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Our consulting aims to pick you up on your digitization topics at an early stage. Our consulting puts a special focus on platforms and portals. We show you opportunities and evaluate the strategic options. We look forward to your inquiry!