Development Operations


Quality assurance through agile, overarching processes. DevOps (short for: Development Operations) refers to the cross-divisional improvement of processes, particularly with regard to software administration and development. All those involved work together to achieve the common goal: the optimal provision of the software.

We value efficiency and automation. With our working methods we strive to reduce sources of error and create standards. For us it is important to focus on high quality software. Therefore, our resources and tools must be optimally set so that we can focus on our core competence.

The goal of DevOps is to respect and preserve organizational separations, but at the same time make software development more efficient and reliable through adjustments to processes. DevOps is a process improvement approach that optimizes the entire software development process.

Jira automation coupled with the deployments

We deal with optimization and automation on a daily basis. Through tight integration with Jira, our internal processes and workflows are coupled with software development and effective code commits, so that they in turn trigger internal workflows in an automated way. DevOps for us also goes further than just providing the development infrastructure and automated deployment scripts. DevOps can be applied to the entire process chain in software development. 

cloudtec is a convinced user of DevOps and this also benefits our customers.

Background information on cloud and web technologies can be found in our knowledge area.