Win more customers with localization

Multilingual online store

Address the whole of Switzerland and sell internationally. Our store system, combined with the CMS, offers maximum flexibility. For optimal communication with your customers, we support email templates in different languages.

In order to address the entire Swiss population and also to be able to operate internationally, your online store must have a multilingual structure. French, Italian and English are required. Simple webshop solutions like Shopify do not offer any support here. Mostly, these providers are from the USA and do not know the needs of Swiss companies or simply ignore them.

Maybe you want to start with an online store in German only and add more languages later? For this you need a system that flexibly allows the expansion with additional languages.

Our system supports multiple languages. You can enter each product in different languages in the store administration. Descriptions, titles, link aliases, meta descriptions, image descriptions, even the file names of images can be stored in multiple languages. This is also a measure that can support search engine optimization.

Online store for multiple countries and domains

If you have a online store with focus on the Swiss market , then it is recommended for multilingual pages to adapt the URL of the webshop to the language, such as,, We can automatically detect which country a user is from and display the website content in that language.

If you would like to run the English version of the webshop on a .comdomain, we can configure this for you individually.

Multilingual e-commerce solution
Store with different domains and languages

Email templates in different languages

To enable optimal communication with your customers, we offer email templates in different languages. Send confirmations, reminder emails or emails for follow-up are sent automatically in the customer's language by our store system. We can define when which emails are sent. For example, the customer will automatically receive a payment reminder email after seven days if "prepayment" was selected as the payment method and the customer has not yet made a bank transfer.

The website around the store can also be multilingual. You can create as much content as you want for each language.