Interfaces for professional data exchange

API development

APIs are becoming more popular and more widely used. Large companies already offer freely accessible API interfaces to their information, products and services. This creates a whole new dynamic and allows independent third parties to work with the information.

API stands for "Application Programming Interface". APIs are programming interfaces via which software can exchange data. They describe how software communicates with each other.

In web programming, APIs occur mainly in server-client relationships. This usually means that the client app takes care of presenting the information and the server focuses on managing it. This way, different clients, for example a website and a set of mobile apps, can be fed the same data. The server no longer needs to know which device to prepare the data for; instead, the respective client asks for what it needs.

Database as API

System-internal databases, which have historically grown along with the company, are present in many companies. We help you to "tap" this data and make it accessible via an interface. To do this, we use software that supports all common database systems and places an API over the database, which can be accessed with various authorization levels.

Your database as an API can be made available to different consumers and integrated into online platforms. We offer you an easy way to integrate your data into online systems to meet today's demands.

Example of an API interface solution

We have developed two different APIs for OPAN SPITEX AG . Hospitals and medical institutions transmit patient data automatically and securely via API to a central routing system, which then prepares the data in a standardized way and makes it available to Spitex organizations in the form of a other API for downloading into the specialist applications.

The API for hospitals includes publicly available documentation and an API explorer that allows developers, or consumers of the API, to test the queries and more easily understand how to use the API. The biggest advantage of online API documentation is that it is automatically generated from the code. If changes are made, they are published directly. This ensures that the documentation is always up to date. Follow the link to view the online API documentation .

cloudtec - Your API Integrator

Cloudtec develops and operates modern APIs that help connect software with your partners and customers. Our proven subject matter experts understand how to design APIs from the ground up and iteratively bring them to maturity. A well-programmed API can open new doors and is a groundbreaking tool for businesses.

Middleware engineering requires cross-system knowledge and technical creativity, because there are many different ways to get where you want to go. As experts in this field we understand how to connect and integrate Windows- or Unix-based systems in different server and cloud configurations and how to channel the data properly - so that it can be made available to other surrounding systems efficiently and expediently.