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Web and Responsive Design

We create websites that impress your customers and look good on any device. We deliver a unique web design tailored to your individual needs and target audience, including consulting, concept and technically excellent implementation.

Web design is a discipline that differs significantly from classic print design. The requirements of the transmission medium screen as well as the demands of the consumers lead to a different focus than for example with a magazine. In addition, the reception of the various screen sizes, from smartphone to tablet to desktop computer, also differs enormously.

The web designer - with the related disciplines of user interface design and user experience design - must be able to develop the product, a website or web app, to suit the target device as well as the target audience. In addition, there are decisions about which technologies to use.

To reconcile all this, we support you with consulting and the management of web projects. We count among our staff experienced web and screen designers who specialize in website as well as web app design. Together we create a catalog of requirements for the design, which is tailored exactly to your customers to ensure that user experience and content harmonize with each other.

The new generation of websites: Adaptive, user-friendly, intuitive

Experience like we have in the field of responsive websites is the advantage that becomes a head start.

With the arrival of the smartphone in our world came new needs for the design of websites. The demand on a website is fundamentally different for desktop and mobile. It is not just a cosmetic correction so that the website can be displayed flawlessly on the smartphone. Rather, it is the different needs of the visitors that play an important role here. The context of the visit, operating options, and the screen size are further points that flow into the planning of responsive websites.

Every fifth request on a website is sent from a smartphone or tablet. We can help you make sure your web project meets this new demand. If this makes you rethink your current website or a future project, we are here to help. 

Responsive web design is a strategy to serve different audiences with the same website and the same content. Modern web technology can detect what kind of device the visitor is using to view the page and display the content differently - the page responds individually to the visitor. Making a website responsive requires a lot of manual intervention and repeated testing with current devices and different browsers.

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In close cooperation and regular exchange cloudtec has created a simple, future-oriented and modern website.

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