Enterprise websites and CMS solutions

Enterprise websites and CMS solutions

cloudtec is specialized in the development of extensive to monstrous websites, which meet corporate requirements, impress with the design and convince in the handling. We can do complex.

We are the platform professionals, but almost every platform has a website. Corporate / Enterprise websites are comprehensive websites, with lots of content, various templates, multilingual and multi-page capable. 

Our competences range from conception to design, project management, technical implementation and operation of the website. Today we operate various corporate websites, such as those of Valora.

Combination with platforms

We often connect platforms (protected area) with public websites. Data captured via interfaces or directly in the platform is played to the website. User registrations or orders from the website are transmitted to the platform. 

The Sulu CMS complements our platform stack with a Symfony based CMS. Sulu is an open source content management system. Professional websites can be configured through this CMS and are easy to manage for users. Sulu sets no limits for us - that's why we love it!

Serve the target market in the local language

Especially in Switzerland, multilingual websites are often in demand. But it is also helpful for companies with international customers if their own website is prepared in different languages. Providing market-oriented and country-specific information highlights the professionalism of your web presence.

Sulu, the CMS of our choice, supports multilingual websites out of the box. Not only that, the operation of multilingual websites in Sulu is also extremely simple.

Sulu provides a separate page for each language. This ensures that there are no errors in managing and editing multilingual texts, even for complex pages, and also allows different content to be published depending on the country and language.


Manage translations automatically

However, even the best CMS is of no use if chaos ensues when managing translations and hundreds of Word or Excel files are exchanged by e-mail between you and the translation agency. Inefficient processes lead to very high costs for translations.

At cloudtec, we like to see our work simplify our clients' work. We have developed a plugin for the Crowdin translation platform that automatically transfers content to a translation platform via an interface. The content to be translated is parked there and the translation team of their choice is automatically informed about the new texts. As soon as they have been translated online in the web tool, the texts automatically flow back into the CMS.