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Interface development

The trend is clearly toward a heterogeneous application world that brings together local applications and cloud applications (software as a service) and combines them in many different forms. This is why it is so important that the individual applications offer excellent and versatile interfaces.

When procuring new applications, particular attention should be paid to the interfaces, i.e., compatibility and the possibility of connecting to other systems.

The number of new systems and applications coming onto the market in the form of software as a service is considerable and growing all the time. Users are faced with the challenge of developing a strategy for making cloud-based and local applications jointly usable.

When it comes to sensitive and particularly protectable data, local applications are probably always the better choice. To ensure connectivity to other systems, the technical architecture must be designed accordingly from the outset.

We help you to master this challenge.

cloudtec - your interface integrator

Cloudtec develops and operates modern interfaces and APIs, which help you network your software with your partners and customers. Our proven subject matter experts understand how to design APIs from the ground up and iteratively bring them to maturity. A well-programmed API is a critical tool for businesses and unlocks a lot of business potential.