Software development with Symfony and Sylius

Symfony and Sylius

Our certified experts realize modern, professional and reliable applications for you based on Symfony and Sylius. You too can rely on the right technology.

In short: Symfony is a PHP application framework. A framework includes tools and methods for building software professionally.

We rely on Symfony because it is a mature and internationally known stable open source development environment. The active community is constantly developing the core of the software and therefore guarantees a long life. The Symfony framework does not dictate which components have to be used, but they can be chosen situationally.

Symfony we complement with Sylius an e-commerce framework that is built on top of Symfony. Sylius has integrated automated tests based on the Behat framework into its principles. We take advantage of the sound testing principles and use them to implement reliable platforms.

Invest in the task, not in the technology

With a framework there is an ideal, robust basis, on which the software can be built. The predefined components of a framework can be put together in a modular way and adapted individually. With a framework, less code has to be written, which leads to fewer errors . The developers* can better concentrate on the task at hand and invest their time in developing business-relevant functionality . A framework supports one to structure the work better and to achieve a higher degree of reusability. It also simplifies maintainability and scaling by adhering to standards and development guidelines. These guidelines simplify integration and interfacing with other applications.

A framework offers flexibility to create customized software solutions.

cloudtec as integration partner

We have been offering our customers solutions based on Symfony since 2012. Our subject matter experts have successfully implemented complex projects with it, from classic web applications to e-commerce solutions, API interfaces and workflow tools to solutions that meet the highest data protection requirements. Cloudtec values Symfony because the framework offers flexibility in creating customized software solutions.