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Web & Digital

Cannabis Medicinalis

Event website with ticketing and speaker integration

For the Cannabinoid Conference in Basel we were allowed to implement a trade fair website. In a further step, it will be adapted to the new CI/CD of Cannabis Medicinalis.

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Flagprint AG

Comprehensive website with products and configurator

Attractive and feature-rich product presentation paired with direct customer communication.

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Zürcher Kantonalbank

Online business report for bank

One of the top ten online annual reports according to the Swiss Annual Report Rating 2021. In 2021 we created a new online annual report for Zürcher Kantonalbank.

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Valora Annual Report

Online annual report for listed company

One of the top three in the Swiss annual report rating. In 2022, we again had the pleasure of launching one of the top online annual reports with Valora.

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Website for a king

Pretzel King - Website

Passion for pretzel pastries presented through a fresh product illustration and location search.

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Contemporary and informative website

Brand website for avec

avec is a part of the Valora Group, for which we were allowed to create a new website.

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Comprehensive and modern website of the largest convenience and food service provider in Switzerland

cloudtec has developed a corporate website of the latest generation for the Valora Group.

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Solutions & Funds AG

Website for fund management

For the fund management Solutions & Funds AG we were allowed to create a completely new website in 2019. In 2022, the company underwent a rebranding as a result of which the website had to be adapted to the new CI/CD specifications.

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Website for pension fund

For the collective foundation Symova, cloudtec has conceived, designed, developed as well as successfully implemented the new website.

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New website incl. job landing page

The new Spitex Bern website was given a fresh and sleeker design. In addition, a separate career section was implemented, which is aimed at a broader target audience and differs from the website with certain elements.

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Wyss Private Clinic

Website for private clinic

Modern, fresh and close to nature, that's the new web presence of the private clinic Wyss AG. In close cooperation and regular exchange, cloudtec has developed a website that perfectly reflects the values of the private clinic.

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Spitex Seeland AG

Website for Spitex Seeland

In close cooperation and regular exchange cloudtec has created a simple, future-oriented and modern website.

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