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Web portals summarize information and functions for a specific target group and help to simplify and digitize processes. The aim of portals is to facilitate processes and offer users added value.

Web portals make sense if many different users have many different needs that have to be covered by a portal. A portal from cloudtec is always accessible via a URL and insofar retrievable with any web browser. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions we can develop appealing designs and very functional and user-friendly web portals that shine through simplicity.

cloudtec as a development partner

You can operate our solutions platform-independently on a wide range of devices. You will not only benefit from our expertise in the development of applications, but also in analyzing your business processes and recording your requirements. We see ourselves as a mediator between business and software development. Learn more about this in the area consulting.

Our proven subject matter experts, develop individual portal solutions tailored to their needs. cloudtec operates various SaaS solutions and offers cloud solutions for special requirements.

Generic Architecture cloudtec Platform
The architecture used by cloudtec for web portals

Properties of portals

Modern web portals consist of several areas. This contributes to their individual and versatile use. In the case of portals, we distinguish between a publicly accessible area and a protected area. The protected area is accessible via a login with various authentication mechanisms. In the protected area, we further restrict access with a role and authorization system.

As a rule, a portal has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • The content of the web pages differs for logged-in users.
  • The content of the web pages differs according to the role of the logged-in users.
  • A portal combines several different applications, for example, CRM, ERP, specialized applications, payment systems, etc.
  • A portal enables collaboration around a digitized process.
  • A portal informs users about changes in the process or about new events.
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