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Requirements engineering forms the essential basis for a systematic description of requirements in software development. As the collaboration between user and system developer becomes more and more important, requirements management has over time become increasingly intermingled with the methods of usability engineering, a young discipline in system and software development. Companies know that ultimately only executable and user-friendly software brings a strong competitive advantage.

A rough specification or requirements catalog written by the customer often does not provide the necessary technical depth to launch a successful project. It is primarily a matter of sharpening and specifying the requirements.

To generate good requirements, the following quality criteria must be met:

  • complete: Gaps and incomplete facts must be clearly marked.
  • correct: the stakeholders can understand the requirement because it corresponds to their ideas.
  • classifiable: the requirement is legally relevant and the justification is listed.
  • consistent: the requirement is free of contradictions within itself and with respect to other requirements.
  • testable: the requirement is measurable (e. g., describe a test case).
  • unambiguous: the requirement is unambiguous.
  • understandable: the requirement is clearly understood by the stakeholders through a uniform and common language.
  • valid and up-to-date: every change to the requirement is documented and is thus traceable.

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