Web application firewall

Web application firewall

Enterprise grade security for your online platform

Your web applications and infrastructure need a secured environment so that your services can be offered around the clock.

For our cloud customers, we specifically offer an upstream firewall cloud. The web application firewalls filter, log and secure the incoming and outgoing traffic to the web servers in the cloud. The high-performance firewalls are distributed across two data centers and are designed with HA (High Availability) redundancy

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

This guarantees trouble-free operation and makes it possible to perform maintenance work on the firewalls without interrupting the system. The firewalls protect the web servers behind them with modern filters and check the data traffic in real time for malicious code. Cookie signing, form hardening, URL hardening, SQL injection, cross-site scripting protection, and real-time virus scanning for uploads and downloads are just a few features.

Online platforms offering more security

In combination with our platform hosting web application firewalls are included. We also use ClamAV, to scan all file uploads for viruses. You will also get this if you implement your platform with us and have it operated by us. Enterprise Grade Security. This is what we stand for.