Platform stack

Platform stack

Our online platforms and customer portals are based on our platform architecture, which has been perfected over the years as a modular design that meets a wide range of platform requirements.

This architecture and platform is our USP (Unique Selling Proposition), which is included in our service, and is a deciding factor. 

Fundamental architecture

As the basic software development infrastructure we utilize the latest version of the Symfony PHP framework. 

The core is cloudtec's platform stack based on Symfony which creates the basis for the business logic in the Enterprise Service Bus.

Our USP. Our own platform stack

Symfony offers a modular approach by design. Each portal requires basic components which are managed via central component management system. So-called bundles are then added. These bundles can also be seen as modules and can be individually programmed and managed. Using a service management component these modules can be activated or deactivated, based on user authorizations. Furthermore, this ensures that the application can be operated reliably, independent of the modules. 

The business logic is also based on the Symfony framework, which we expand using an API interface. The interface connection utilizes API platform components, deeply integrated in Symfony. With this as a basis, an API endpoint is developed that receives and processes the data (JSON objects) from other systems connected to the web.

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