From concept to design

UI & UX Design

We always pay special attention to ensuring that the user interface and user experience are optimally designed and implemented. Because good design is important!

UX design refers to the conception of the entire customer lifecycle. UX design optimizes all the touchpoints a customer can come into contact with so that the customer has the most empowering experience possible. These touchpoints start as early as the marketing of a product and continue through the confirmation email when an order is placed to the responses in the customer service center. UX design is about giving the customer the best possible experience with their brand or company. 

UI design (user interface design) refers to the visual design of digital products or applications. It's not just about web design (i.e. how the product looks), but also about usability (i.e. how the product can be operated and how user-friendly it is to use). Design also plays a role in this, because people like beautifully designed applications and interactions on websites.  

So UI design goes hand in hand with UX design. In our projects, we always give special attention to ensuring that the user experience and user interface are optimally designed and implemented, so that users feel comfortable on the site and they can quickly get the information they want.


Web design is a very important discipline in the web sector. The first impression counts and the users of your website should feel immediately addressed and get a desire for more. In order to present your product/company in the best possible way, we refer to the CI/CD in the analysis process and create an individually adapted and attractive design for each customer on the basis of this.

We attach great importance to the fact that the website also reflects the desired appearance of our customers and to the fact that the users reach their goal quickly.

Another important point in the development of the design and concept is the target group. Who would you like to address? How do these users get to the website? What needs to be offered to make users stay on the site? 

In the analysis phase, we also conduct a target group analysis. Here we work with so-called personas, which represent a certain type of target group. In this way, we can always refer back to this type during the conception phase and the designer does not lose sight of the goal.


In the conception phase, the focus is on the user experience. Together with the customer, we define the user stories (i.e. the functions and process flows that the website must contain). Based on these stories, we make moods that help us and the customer to better understand the requirements and test the user experience and, if necessary, make corrections before we put the functions into implementation. This way, we can prevent requirements from being implemented incorrectly or not properly.

Through this visualization, we and the client gain a better understanding of how the page concept is built and how the functions need to be built to ideally guide the user through the page.

Some of our design references



Comprehensive and modern website of the largest convenience and food service provider in Switzerland

cloudtec has developed a corporate website of the latest generation for the Valora Group.

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Cannabis Medicinalis

Event website with ticketing and speaker integration

For the Cannabinoid Conference in Basel we were allowed to implement a trade fair website. In a further step, it will be adapted to the new CI/CD of Cannabis Medicinalis.

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Wyss Private Clinic

Website for private clinic

Modern, fresh and close to nature, that's the new web presence of the private clinic Wyss AG. In close cooperation and regular exchange, cloudtec has developed a website that perfectly reflects the values of the private clinic.

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