Success with versatile payment options

Payment Gateway Integration

Pay online with PostCard? Integration of MasterCard, Visa, Maestro, Discover, Diners? No problem. Prepayment solution or Paypal? Everything is possible. The more payment options you offer, the more customers you attract.

Offer many different payment options and payment methods: on account, prepayment, various credit cards or PostCard for the Swiss market and the international market. The more options you offer, the fewer customers will abandon at checkout.

Credit card integration

Another must for e-commerce solution is the payment method "credit card".

The credit cards supported by Adyen

We integrate third-party modules that support payments from various credit cards in multiple currencies. The integration is done directly in the e-commerce framework we use, Sylius. This way, the user is not redirected to the payment provider's website. Keep customers on your side and control the entire checkout process. We develop an individual payment process for you, optimized for your customers.

Important: No credit card data is stored on the website, but is transmitted directly to the payment provider via an encrypted connection. The payment provider checks the card data and receives a commission for the transaction. This is usually between 2.5% and 3.5%, depending on the credit card. Since you do not store any credit card data of the customers, you do not have to be PCI-compliant in this respect.

Payment provider evaluation

Payment provider evaluation

We advise you on the evaluation of payment providers. Various factors play a role.

  • Technical integration possibilities
  • Technical costs for integration
  • Offered payment providers
  • Dealing with currencies and conversion cycles
  • Payment modalities
  • Costs per transaction
  • Costs on total volume

Payment on account

Would you like to allow your customers to order the goods on account? Offer this option to boost your sales even more. According to the study "Success Factor Payment" (2nd edition / 2013), this payment method is used most often. However, it carries the risk of payment defaults. Depending on the amount of sales and the creditworthiness of your customers, this payment method is even more favorable for you than credit card payments, since no credit card transaction costs are incurred.

Paypal Integration

Paypal is a popular service to accept payments by credit card. The customer must have a Paypal account to make payments with Paypal. If he has such an account, the payment is made very quickly. The customer only needs to provide his email address and a password, then confirm the payment on the Paypal page and the payment process is completed. This is very convenient for people who often shop online and do not always want to re-enter their credit card. The credit card data is not stored by the provider, but by Paypal.

Payment method prepayment

This is the safest method for you as an online store operator, because you deliver the goods only after receipt of payment. The delay in delivery is often perceived as a disadvantage, since 2-5 days of processing time are required for the bank transfer, depending on the bank and country. If you only offer the payment method "prepayment" and no other methods, according to the study "Erfolgsfaktor Payment" (2nd edition / 2013) 79% of store visitors will NOT make the purchase. In this respect, you support customer confidence if you offer different payment methods.

Further connections

The experts at cloudtec are specialized in the creation of customized software solutions and individual connections to other payment systems.