Create bridges

Middleware Engineering

Middleware performs important tasks within IT infrastructures. With the help of middleware, you create bridges between complex applications. We develop this middleware for you. In doing so, we address your personal and individual needs.

Middleware is used, for example, to create interfaces between applications. In this way, connections are created between different services. Data can then be exchanged via these - often automatically. There is application-oriented, communication-oriented and message-oriented middleware. Depending on the type, the focus is on information transfer between applications, network functions or messaging.

Especially in the area of online platforms such middleware solutions are helpful and necessary. We thus create interfaces between existing software components and your online platform. It is important to keep an eye on the transaction security and the caching requirements of the data. The goal is to create service-oriented architectures . We realize practical solutions that work reliably and are easy to use.

Data security is also a focus here. Information that flows via interfaces must be protected against unauthorized access. We therefore pay particular attention to compliance with high security standards. High-security encryption techniques are used wherever necessary.

Our middleware engineers are familiar with different platforms and systems. Thus, we offer solutions for Windows as well as Linux systems. We use APIs, interfaces or integrate applications directly - depending on which solution is appropriate. This creates connections between the web server and the data servers or applications.

Middleware is a relatively broad term. In a narrower sense, we understand it to mean the linking of surrounding systems and the making available of information. We connect by means of interfaces, APIs, or other integration of systems. This makes middleware engineering a very important discipline for the development of Web platforms and online solutions.

Online platforms are always online and usually provide a limited and particularly secured subset of information, which is managed by a central company information system.

In order to process the information, special firewall rules must often be created and a secure connection between the web server and the data servers must be established. Our Windows engineering and Linux engineering experts understand how to connect a variety of systems and reliably couple them with online platforms.

cloudtec - your middleware integrator

Middleware engineering requires cross-system knowledge and technical creativity, because there are many different ways to get to the target. As experts in this field we understand how to connect and integrate Windows or Unix based systems in different server and cloud configurations and how to channel the data properly - so that it can be made available to other surrounding systems in an efficient and expedient way.