Extraction, transformation, transfer

Data migration and integration

Data migration and integration is often a very important discipline in the context of digitization. After all, data and information are the "commodity" of the digital world. In this respect, we place particular emphasis on making your data available online using appropriate means.

We pay particular attention here to ensuring that the data is available in structured form so that it can also be retrieved with API queries (interfaces), for example, and processed by automatisms. 

Data migration consists of three steps: extraction, transformation, transfer. During this process, the data remains semantically unchanged.

For example, you want to extract data from an application and prepare it for a web application? The data to be prepared can be in various forms: as a direct data export from a database or as an Excel list with various values. First, the data must be cleaned and normalized or often transformed, then further processing takes place. We can merge your data from many different sources and make it available for an online platform . Just tell us your requirements.

Reliability is crucial during migration: after all, no data should be lost or messed up. Data migration, like data integration, is a craft for us. They require careful planning and implementation to avoid any downtime for the user. We provide you with a first-class team of data migration specialists and interface experts to help you master this challenge!