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The environment in which a company operates has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Technologies and new innovations have defined the business processes of companies from the ground up. In addition to globalization, information technology has played a major role. Due to technological progress, companies of all sizes and in all industries have new opportunities to assert themselves in the market.

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However, the new opportunities are also accompanied by many new challenges that organizations have to face. For example, areas that used to be managed as a sideline are now seen as the central linchpin of day-to-day business. 

This applies above all to the way companies communicate. Whereas corporate websites used to be sympathetic add-ons, they are now regarded as essential part of the forms of communication

Role of communication at companies

Companies today operate in a world where information and data are available in incredible mass. Through the Internet, it is possible for any customer, or potential customer, to find out about all kinds of topics, people, products or services with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

While the abundance and availability of information are an advantage for consumers, companies have to assert themselves against a large pool of competitors. In addition, today's markets are much more competitive than they used to be. Globalization and digital transformations have forced companies to adapt not only to local competitors, but also to competitors from other countries. With digitalization, companies from China and India, for example, have quite easy access to European customers. 

Corporate communications thus play a decisive rolein order to survive in national and international competition. Today, only those who effectively communicate their own company and its brands, products and services with customers, business partners and other interest groups can actually hold their own in competition. 

Communication not only plays an important role with external target groups. Internal communication at all levels of the company also plays a key role . Productivity and efficiency can only be ensured if the internal exchange is intuitive and seamless

Goals of a corporate website

The primary objective of a company's website is to provide a platform on which the company, its brand, products and services can be presented to potential customers. For this purpose, information and data are made available in order to be able to cover the information needs of the relevant target groups.

Today, the website serves as first point of contact of the company with the public and reflects, in addition to the products and services, also the image of the company . Thus, websites as a pure information platform have continuously developed into an important communication platform. 

Reasons for the implementation of a website or customer portal are based on our platform technologies


The following are the three most important reasons why customer portals and comprehensive websites should be at the heart of corporate communications in this day and age:

1. Age of digitalization

With the digital transformation, the way we communicate has changed dramatically. The classic communication channel via telephone or e-mail still exists, but is definitely no longer the first form of contact with a company. So the motto "if you don't move with the times, you move with the times" applies here.

Due to the plethora of information and offers in any industry, it is necessary to be able to exchange information in an effective way, externally as well as internally. The website can serve as a central communication tool for sharing important information and data with business partners, suppliers, customers and employees.

Not only the blog of a website serves this purpose. If you go one step further and invest in specialized software solutions, you have countless options open to you. This not only simplifies communication, but also increases efficiency and productivity in equal measure and ensures that the customer is provided with the right information at the right time.

2. your customer expects online services

Digitalization has also changed the way people buy a product or use a service. The online store is considered one of the most effective and fastest methods of generating sales. This has the advantage of the fast sales of the product, however the personal contact to the customers is lost. For companies that rely on long-term customer loyalty , it is therefore increasingly necessary to stay in contact and connected with the customer in a convincing way via the customer portal.

One factor in particular is important for website e-commerce: companies should not be afraid to invest in a personalized, sophisticated software solution. After all, services cannot simply be sold with a conventional online store. Personalized workflow-related systems with integration of payment systems are important factors for successfully launching new business models.

Standard e-commerce solutions often do not address the individual needs of the company or even the customer. Among other things, this has a declining effect on the sales figures of the online store, as visitors to the website cannot be converted into customers. The reason for this is the lack of targeted communication to the potential customer along the purchasing process. E-commerce software solutions should not only be tailored to communication needs, but should also ensure a payment-secure platform and be flexible enough to offer customers a good shopping experience.

3. websites as an internal communication platform

In addition to external communication, it is of immense importance to be able to exchange information effectively internally as well. The website serves here as the central communication platform and link between the employees and the company. A central communication platform is characterized above all by flexibility, topicality and increase in productivity within the team.

With our CMS systems we make it possible to combine public websites and intranetpages in one system. The mobile optimization and the combination of the internet presence and the intranet results in a better cost-benefit ratio. Furthermore, a large part of intranet information is static information, which can be optimally prepared with a CMS and made available to internal employees.

If the website is used as a central communication platform, it should be possible to satisfy both external and internal communication needs. This has the serious advantage that one does not have to manage different systems, but unites everything in a common communication infrastructure .

Specific intranet modules can be developed at any time based on our platform technology . Such as internal job boards or single sing-on matching with Active Directory to name a few. 

Websites and customer platforms tailored to your needs

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Standard solutions are good, but they must be able to be changed. That's why we rely on open source and keep control over the software we create, customize and deliver.

We will be happy to advise you and help you to develop a suitable, purposeful and target-oriented solution that can be operated sustainably.