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When does a platform business make sense?

In the course of the digital transformation, more and more companies are adapting their business model or even opting for a completely Internet-based business. On all channels, one encounters the raised forefinger: "If you don't rethink, you'll go under!" "Disrupt yourself, before you get disrupted!" But is your company really one of those that cannot do without a platform?

What does an online platform cost?

Our platform configurator helps you select the right technical components, modules and features for you in a simple, clear way. You receive information about the complexity of the project as well as a rough cost estimate for the implementation - so that you have an overview right from the start.

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What does "platform" actually mean ?

Website? Server? Intranet? Device? online store? Terms like platform and portal are often used with slightly different meanings. When we talk about a platform or a web portal, we mean the following:

Web portals summarize information and functions for a specific group of people and help to simplify and digitize processes. The goal of a portal is always to facilitate and accelerate processes - and to offer users added value.

The characteristics of an online platform

  • The content of the website differs for users with or without login, as well as depending on the role of the user
  • The portal combines several different applications, i.e. fulfills various functions in one, e.g. CRM, product inventory, sales, etc.
  • Content and documents can be viewed and edited together by all concerned - taking into account the assignment of rights - e.g. in a wiki, for central knowledge management
  • The portal automatically sends information and reminders to its users, in case of changes or new events.
  • The platform offers interfaces to other systems, e.g., internal databases, ERP systems, or other relevant data sources, thus enabling optimal data exchange.

Can your business be fully mapped online?

The short answer is YES. No matter what industry you're in, a professional online presence that allows anyone interested to get a picture of your service and interact with you is essential to staying ahead of the competition in the digital age. Service providers in particular score points with appealing web presences, but manufacturers can also give their physical product a decisive added value online.

Almost every business benefits from a cloud-based way of working; however, the requirements and needs are very different. While company A mainly needs a user-friendly intranet for fast exchange and knowledge documentation, company B focuses on a customer-oriented web portal.

The platform serves to support you significantly in the implementation of your business - as an internal and external source of information, as a customer meeting point, as an order taker - as well as a representative and service agent of your company. Think of the platform as your sales tool, with which you can reach any person at any time. It is an active part of your team that communicates your service or product to interested parties - saving you a significant amount of acquisition effort and administration.

What is the concrete added value of a platform ?

In general, a web platform is needed whenever different actors want to communicate with each other across processes. These are the essential aspects that speak for a platform:

  • Digitization of your data - for central, secure, clear data management
  • Networking - Fast, uncomplicated communication channels - internally and externally - for more agility and an efficient way of working
  • Visibility on the web and comparability with the competition - so that the quality of your work can continue to prevail
  • Automation - Intelligent workflows, that handle repetitive tasks and actions automatically, leaving more time for core business
  • Digital customer access - reliable customer care through 24-hour accessibility and sound information online
  • Internationality - fast, uncomplicated exchange; even at greater distances and in multiple languages

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Every company has individual needs for its web portal. Let us advise you - we identify your requirements (requirements engineering) and find a tailor-made solution for you.