Office Relocation - working together abroad for a week

Every year it is on our agenda and our anticipation accompanies us through the first half of the year - the office relocation. For one week we make a change of scene, the whole company works together from abroad. In today's blog post, we explain what this means exactly and what requirements have to be met in order for us to be able to implement this project.

We are always astonished when we tell our friends about the Office Relocation. "What? You're really going abroad together for a week? Isn't that strange?" are phrases we hear all too often. But it is not strange at all to see your colleagues from the moment you get up until the moment you go to bed. We carry out the office relocation once a year. In the last few years we have moved our office to various places such as Thailand, Portugal or Mallorca.

Lunch together, sometimes home cooked

The only question is, why do we actually do such a week abroad each time? Especially in small companies like ours, it's important to function as a team and be able to respond to each other. Smooth cooperation is one of the most important success factors for our existence. For us, the office relocation therefore offers the ideal opportunity to get to know each other better and in a more unofficial setting. Little quirks such as "morning grouches" or early risers vs. late risers are revealed and make the other team members more approachable. Cooking together for lunch also helps to discover not yet known skills (or non-existing ones ;)). Furthermore, discovering the "foreign" culture and cuisine together strengthens the feeling of togetherness. In the evening, private topics and interests can be deepened at the after-work beer. It is not uncommon for stories and flashbacks from the office relocation to be told later at the lunch table back in Switzerland.

But in order for this week to be successful and for everyone to be satisfied, there are a few things to keep in mind.

What to consider during planning

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that there are a few things to keep in mind while planning an office relocation. We have summarized them briefly here:

  • The distance to the destination, the season as well as the journey have to be well considered and planned. We from cloudtec have preferred rather warm regions so far. In addition, the journey by car already offers the possibility for the first exchange during the journey. Sometimes, however, a flight is faster and more comfortable than a long car ride.
  • Another very important point is that there should be enough possibilities for retreat. So there should be enough rooms for the number of people, as well as different common rooms. This way, each person can withdraw and recharge their batteries alone if the get-togethers become too much.
  • The cloud-first approach must be lived. All systems, software and tools must be accessible remotely. Our VPN allows us to connect securely to Switzerland. The telephony and all other tools are all in the cloud and therefore we can access them from anywhere. This is an essential requirement to maintain our services. Even our mail is scanned and can be accessed digitally, so we are actually completely location-independent.
  • Infrastructure is another issue. Enough space to work and a good and especially fast internet connection for multiple devices is essential in our business. This way we can maintain our work and provide the same quality of service to our customers even during the week abroad.
  • The last point to consider is the recreational opportunities in the area. To broaden our horizons, we plan various activities that are accessible in the region. This offers a change from the daily work routine and new opportunities to get to know each other in different situations.
Not every workplace is ultimately comfortable, but it is unique.

Office Relocation 2021

In the fall of 2021, we were finally able to carry out our Office Relocation again after the Corona break. Again we were drawn to the south, we spent a week in Provence in the south of France. With mostly perfect weather, we were able to discover this corner of the world together and pursue our daily business for a week, with rather poor than real internet connection. Besides the work, we were able to experience various excursions and activities. At the beginning, we were able to experience the tastes of the region at a wine tasting and enjoy the spectacular colors of nature on the Sentier des Ocres during the excursion to Roussillon. On our excursion to Isle de la Sorgue we had a delicious lunch and during the following kayak tour in the village Fontaine de Vaucluse we could test our teamwork in a non-work related activity.

Joint excursions and activities are always part of it.

And where is it going this year? Croatia: Great weather, sea, culinary food and a varied nature - the ideal place for teambuilding. We are excited and already looking forward to the upcoming week together!