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Sulu Crowdin Automation

Sulu Crowdin automation translates your website into a desired target language. Learn how to easily create multilingual content.

Filling websites with content in different languages is a challenging task. Creating texts and other content is time-consuming and expensive. Especially in multilingual Switzerland, the requirements are high if you want to reach all readers. Thereby, multilingual content brings competitive advantages. We offer a solution for this situation with Sulu Crowdin automation.

The Sulu Crowdin automation is able to translate and upload contents of your website completely by itself. This way, you get a multilingual website with little effort.

What exactly is the Sulu Crowdin automation?

We at cloudtec have created an automated interface between Sulu and Crowdin. Sulu is the content management system on which your web content is built. Crowdin as an external service platform translates texts and content into numerous different languages.

Through this interface, you as a user of a website based on Sulu have direct access to the translation service. Content that you publish on your website comes back translated fully automatically thanks to our interface.

How does Sulu Crowdin automation work in practice?

The interface between your Sulu website and Crowdin can be configured individually. You simply tell us what your ideas are and in what form you need translations. This includes the languages you need. You also specify which content of your website you want to translate. Furthermore, you can determine the type of management.

Building on the Bitbucket API and Crowdin API

Thus, it is possible to determine the cycle for the translations individually. For example, it is conceivable to translate the content once a day. Of course, other intervals (shorter or longer) are also feasible. You also determine whether only new content is translated or whether existing pages are also checked for changes. Thanks to this feature, updating and synchronization of existing web content is possible. 

The Sulu Crowdin automation then transfers the content defined according to the preset for translation. The system also automatically brings the completed translated content back to the Sulu CMS. A suitable new web page is then created that contains the content in the target language. Thus, your automated translation process is completed without you having to deal with it.

How does the Crowdin translation platform work?

Crowdin is a service provider specializing in translations. The company relies on both machine translation and translations by linguists. Thanks to this approach, Crowdin is fast and accurate at the same time.

There is also the possibility to proofread the texts yourself before they go online. Then the pages are initially available as private in the Sulu CMS. Once you have checked the content, you put the localized content online.

What are the advantages of Sulu Crowdin automation?

Automatic translation of content on Sulu CMS with Crowdin offers you numerous advantages. Probably the best feature is the clarity. Instead of different versions of the website, there is only one. This reduces the administration and workload enormously.

With two languages, this does not make too much of a difference. But many websites are trilingual or multilingual. Then the administration effort increases with each page. The advantages prove especially when updating content. You may want to edit only a small part of an existing page, for example when facts or figures are updated.

In such a case, you have to edit, check and re-upload numerous individual pages. This alone ensures a high error rate. With Sulu Crowdin automation, you only edit the original page, the system takes care of synchronization and updating.

New content that you write and put online is translated by the system completely independently. According to the settings, the Sulu Crowdin automation creates a new page in the CMS. This also allows for timely publication of content in different languages. Thus, the content is always up to date.

Another advantage is the cost efficiency of such a solution. First of all, you save through the reduced costs for content creation. Also, the lower administration effort reduces the operating costs of your website. Besides, our solution via Crowdin is a particularly inexpensive way to get localized content.

These are the key benefits of an automated translation process with Sulu and Crowdin:

  • automatic translation of new content
  • synchronization of content even in case of updates
  • central management of multiple sites possible
  • complete translation of all content including metadata and snippets
  • expansion of the target audience with extremely low effort
  • very affordable solution for multilingual content

What does Sulu Crowdin automation translate? 

The Sulu Crowdin automation translates large parts of web pages. Primarily, it is about the actual content, i.e. the texts that users read on a page. But via our interface, you translate additional content of your web pages.

Crowdin Interface

Thus, the Sulu Crowdin automation translates the meta and snippet data of web pages. This is especially important for search engines. The meta data gives users a quick overview of what to expect on your page. If the data is translated, then you will get more clicks and show up higher in Google results.

Furthermore, the Sulu Crowdin interface is capable of translating media data. This includes the metadata as well as the titles of images or videos. In this way, multimedia websites can also be translated fully automatically into another target language.

The possibilities and advantages of localized websites

Automatic translation into foreign languages is, of course, the central argument for its use and an important advantage. You only need to create content in one language. Through Sulu Crowdin automation, you get translations in the languages you want them in.

Crowdin allows for translation into a majority of international languages. The system additionally takes into account differences in the vocabulary of different countries with the same native language. Thus, it is possible to choose between Canadian, British and US English. There is even a choice of dialects such as Franconian or Frisian.

Multilingual websites give you the opportunity to expand your target audience. This is true for a large number of the websites. An online store that is automatically available in the home language of the target country reaches local customers much better. So, such multilingual online store is a good option to expand business abroad.

But a blog or a company presentation also benefits from translated content. Here, too, you will reach a larger readership if you offer translated content. Thus, Sulu Crowdin automation increases your reach to users in other countries - regardless of the type of content.

We get your multilingual website on the road 

With cloudtec as your partner, you get an individual and high-quality option for the translation of your website content. In contrast to purely machine translation tools, this solution delivers much better quality. At the same time, Sulu Crowdin automation is a much cheaper option than paying authors for localized content.

This solution is therefore suitable for all situations and companies. As an SME, you benefit just as much as the operator of a blog or a large online store. Through localized content, you open international markets and reach new target groups. The Sulu Crowdin automation implements all this without noticeably increasing the costs or the administration effort.

Are you interested in a multilingual website with automated translations? This can also be implemented for already existing sites. Use our contact form and tell us your status and objectives. Together we will find a suitable solution for your web project.