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Create website Bern: Tips for a professional website

Create website Bern: How to create a professional presence on the Internet. Learn how to make your own website a success.

Your website is your flagship. For many internet users, the first seconds decide whether they trust a page or leave it immediately. We from cloudtec give you tips, what makes an interesting, professional and structured internet presence. So the website creation becomes a promising project.

The first impression counts

The first few seconds a user spends on your website are crucial. Often, it is here that the visitor decides whether or not to trust the site. All further interactions as well as sales depend on this decision.

Accordingly, a professional appearance is important. First and foremost, this concerns the visual appearance. A modern web design forms the basis for a convincing impression. Clear structures, coherent colors and a page that presents itself in a friendly and tidy manner are among the central points.

Equally important is a clear layout. The navigation is clear and the visitor quickly finds what he is looking for. The structure of the page follows a uniform principle. Modern websites do not use drop-down menus, for example. These are confusing and make it difficult to access content.

Recognition value is also important. Like Coca-Cola lives from the color and the lettering, your website presents your company. Therefore, we at cloudtec also develop logos and a brand image for your website on request.

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A professional website is a big project. It requires a plan and long-term work on the site. It is centrally about working on the goals consistently and constantly. Accordingly, time and a reasonable budget is one of the most important factors.

We at cloudtec have significant experience in creating professional and large websites. Together with you we implement your web project professionally. We are especially strong in connecting websites with online platforms. The interaction between generally accessible information and content and a platform with various interaction points brings many challenges, which we know how to master. 

In long-term cooperation, communication is the crucial point. Therefore, we at cloudtec offer you a fixed contact person. Furthermore, we train you in the handling of the website, which is managed via a content management system (CMS). 

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Why is usability so important when creating a website?

Usability plays a key role in retaining users. Likewise, this point is important for getting visitors to interact with your site. In fact, this is crucial for all websites - from online stores to company presentations and blogs.

Social media, for example, is a tool you can use to build bonds with customers. Most Internet users are active on Facebook, Instagram or similar channels. The targeted integration of social media can increase the interaction rate. At the same time, this encourages visitors to follow you on social media.

Effective tools for this are social sharing and social embedding. Under blog posts, the option to share the article is integrated. It is already standard to link one's own profiles on the social networks on the website. With these techniques it is also possible to better address the desired target group.

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Share icons

Nowadays, many users surf the web with their mobile device. Smartphone and tablet are becoming more and more important. This changes the requirements for the display in the browser. Professional websites therefore recognize which device a user is using on the page. Accordingly, the page is available as a regular or mobile version.

Today, no professional website can exist without a mobile version. A non-optimized display on the smartphone drives away mobile users. However, these account for up to 50 percent of visitors. In addition, Google devalues websites without an adapted mobile version in the search results. 

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Tablet view

The following features should be present in every website:

  • Interaction options for the user
  • the ability to return to the home page via the company logo or logotype
  • an internal search that is highly visible and integrated on every page
  • dedicated versions of the page for users with mobile devices and desktops
  • social sharing and social embedding

content - the most important means of retaining users

Websites are all about content. Content is how you reach your desired audience and engage users. There is an incredibly long list of possible content you can fill your website with. For example, this includes:

  • a blog
  • general or internal news
  • press releases
  • guides
  • interactive content
  • podcasts and similar audio content
  • videos
  • images
  • webinars
  • animated graphics
  • games
  • apps
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Interactive map

The choice of content determines the direction of the website. Therefore, it is important to choose the right content for the website.

Creating high-quality content is time-consuming. It is not uncommon for website operators to try to create the content themselves. However, this strategy often fails. The texts do not reach the readers, or the publication breaks off due to lack of time or interest. In addition, it is important that the content is also found by Google's search engine.

That's why there are professional places to go for content. Authors create texts that are precisely tailored to your target group. These texts then also meet Google's requirements for content. This ensures that users find your website via Google.

Topicality is trumps

A website is not a static presentation. Many websites lack up-to-dateness. However, users immediately notice whether a website is maintained or has been lying unconsidered for years. This is especially true if you run a blog or news site.

If the latest posts are several years old, then users lose trust in the operator. Would you order from an online store that has obviously not been maintained for years? Probably not.

That's why continuity is needed. If you want to run a professional website, it is part of it to maintain it regularly. A blog needs periodic contributions. News about your company also need to be updated at regular intervals.

This point is also important for the relevance in the search engine results. Among other things, Google evaluates the topicality of web pages. If your website does not receive any new content, its position in the search results will drop. Of course, website operators want to avoid this at all costs.

If you, as the owner of a website, have the claim to a high level, then a plan for updating is mandatory. It is best to create a strategy for the website. This precisely defines the intervals for the updates. Depending on the content, this could be, for example, a new blog post every week or a company news every six months.

Why is search engine optimization so important when creating a website?

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a big issue for every website owner. Experienced SEO experts usually take over the optimization of the website. There are both onpage and offpage optimization. Within these areas there are then numerous concrete measures. Accordingly, this subject area is complex.

The central advantage of SEO is that the reach of your website increases. Internet users find your content more easily. The position of your website on Google search results pages increases. As a result, you achieve the goals that you pursue with your website. This can be sales via the online store or the largest possible readership on the blog.

However, SEO is a long-term project. Especially when it comes to building content, quality comes before quantity and continuity before changeability. For these very reasons, many operators of professional websites rely on external service providers. We at cloudtec carry out SEO measures for our customers. The list of these measures is very long, among others the following points belong to it:

  • Optimization of keywords
  • Increase the quality of content
  • Control and improvement of the technical side
  • Optimization of the website for the Google algorithm
  • Adjustment of the page architecture
  • Creation of snippets and meta data for search engines and SERPs

The technical aspects: Why are they important when creating a website in Bern?

If you want to launch a successful website, you need more than just a great web design and compelling content. The technical side of your website, i.e. the substructure, is another important component of a professional website. Here, several factors come into play at once.

First of all, it is about the loading time of the website. If the web server is overloaded or there is not enough bandwidth available, the loading time increases. However, the modern Internet user is very impatient.

If the loading time exceeds five seconds, a third of users drop out. For mobile websites, the statistics are even more radical. Here, 90 percent of visitors leave the page if it has not loaded after five seconds.

Another important point is Google. As part of its internal algorithms, Google also evaluates the performance of a website. The loading time of the website also plays a role here. If the web server on which you host your website does not meet Google's requirements, it will be devalued. This leads to the fact that your content is not displayed in the front positions on the SERPs.

There are a number of ways to prevent this. First of all, you need a powerful web server. Cheap or even free web hosts are not advisable if you want to create a professional website. Investing in a reliable provider is worthwhile. Especially an online store will achieve a significantly higher reach and thus sales.

Another step is the optimization of the code and website content. These steps are performed by specialists who are familiar with website development. We at cloudtec take over this optimization for you. This reduces the loading times as well as the amount of data that is transferred per loading process. As a result, the load on the web server is reduced and your site runs more smoothly - especially at busy times.

Personal and close - even large companies need to be reachable

If you want to run a professional website, you have to create interaction possibilities for the visitors. Without them, a website looks impersonal. Even large companies manage to appear approachable this way. You can achieve this goal with different methods.

Meanwhile, it is possible to integrate chatbots with little effort. These even use artificial intelligence to interact with customers and visitors to the website. You define a database with answers and information beforehand. The website visitor then communicates in writing with the chatbot and expresses his concern. The chatbot identifies the concern and provides the appropriate answers from the database.

The big advantage is that visitors to your website will get valuable help immediately. Even the fastest support takes a few minutes to respond to an email. The chatbot, on the other hand, responds immediately. Moreover, the visitor doesn't have to follow any politeness rules and can freely interact with the bot. A chatbot is also active around the clock, on weekends and holidays.

Of course, the classic contact options are also part of a professional website. Integrate a contact form for feedback or questions. This makes it easy for potential customers to contact you. Other contact information includes telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. Here it is possible to present different contact persons with individual contact data - if desired even with a picture. This ensures an even more personal presentation of your company.

The following options allow your customers and visitors to contact you or obtain information via the website:

  • Chatbot
  • Contact form
  • Contact options via mail and phone
  • Individual introduction of key employees