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Internship Symfony Software Developer at cloudtec in Bern

In our professional developer team, you will develop and implement various online platforms, web applications, customer portals and APIs using the PHP framework Symfony and our platform stack. Your focus is on a high-quality and sustainable architecture across all technical layers.

We are a company with drive (founded in 2011). We are looking for creative minds, people with a flair for new technologies and a broad IT know-how. We rely on Cloud First and Productivity Apps to make the exchange of information and the management of projects efficient. We need reinforcements.

Internship means

You are motivated and inquisitive and want to have supervisors and teammates who are really good at what they do and who will challenge you technically. That's what you'll get with us. With us, you will experience a steep learning curve and develop relatively quickly. Good structures regarding coding frameworks, code reviews of your pull requests and pair programming sessions will help you to constantly improve. We assume that you have some programming knowledge. This doesn't mean that you have to be a crack, but that you want to become one.

Your work with us

Implementing projects of innovative companies in code on online platforms is an exciting, varied and challenging task. Our customers are as diverse as your projects. With each new platform project, you'll need to learn about our clients' different businesses and subject areas so that you not only write clean code, but also understand the big-picture.

If you like to work in small teams, are not afraid of direct and uncomplicated exchange with colleagues and are motivated to develop high-level, expandable, sustainable and professional online platforms, then this position could be something for you .

Our platform stack is based on Symfony and individual Sylius components. We have perfected this over the last 5 years and are constantly expanding it with modules. The basic architecture is API-First. In our stack you can access many basic functions like grids, listviews, filters, exports etc. Each platform always brings interface projects and integrations have to be implemented. Again, our goal is to implement stable and low-maintenance interfaces. For this reason we use message queues like RabbitMQ and a event-driven architecture. We expect you to get involved and help us to make our platform stack even better.

You will be in contact with our customers. We involve our developers early in the projects so that the requirements don't just come from a Jira story, but the context is clear and complementary information from developed mockups is included. The mockups are created by the business analysts, but we rely on your expertise, because your feedback helps us to make the GUIs more meaningful, so that they can then be implemented well.

Also important

In addition to good employment conditions, we offer a great working environment in an established team and attractive development opportunities. Flat hierarchies and the incentive to develop excellent online solutions and convincing ideas that mesh seamlessly across multiple channels provide drive in the team and spur on top performance. We mainly work on customer projects. In addition, however, there are various internal projects that we implement and carry out in the spirit of start-up projects. Here you can deepen your knowledge and experiment with the latest technologies and concepts. 

We mainly work with

  • Symfony
  • Sylius
  • Docker
  • CMS
  • Akeneo PIM
  • DevOps + Docker + Linux
  • RabbitMQ
  • Elastic Search
  • API Platform, API First

Learn more about our technology stack.

Other skills beneficial

  • Usability / Requirements Engineering experience
  • Multitier application development
  • Database abstraction layers, Doctrine
  • Mobile websites, Responsive Design
  • Eye for appealing UI design
  • Cloud architectures + Microservices
  • Jira, Confluence

Basic requirements

  • Motivated to learn something and become a really good developer
  • Advanced training in software development or similar
  • Basic programming skills
  • Knowledge of PHP frameworks Symfony or Sylius an advantage (not mandatory)
  • Basic experience with JavaScript, CSS, HTML
  • Committed, flexible personality who feels comfortable working independently as well as in a team
  • Quick perception with the willingness to continuously expand your own knowledge in a goal-oriented manner
  • You take responsibility for your projects and actively contribute
  • Stylish German
  • Good English

Your work location

Our office at Sandrainstrasse 17 is located in the heart of Bern, close to the Aare river. The manor house, which is over a hundred years old and surrounded by greenery, is located in the quiet Marziliquartier and is easily accessible by public transport, by car and on foot. Good catering facilities, various canteens, coffee shops, gelateria, the good Beck and of course the Aare and the Marzili-Bad are within a few steps.

We have a sunny terrace, a barbecue, a nice lounge and generally bright offices, which are occupied by a maximum of four people. The office is modernly equipped, with electric height-adjustable office desks. You get a 27" screen and a fast notebook. For some, good coffee is important: therefore, the Nespresso coffee machine is at your disposal free of charge. 

Office Relocation

Everyone needs a change of scenery. That's why we move our office once a year for a week to a new place, because basically we can work anywhere in the world. In the luggage our laptops, headsets and everything we need to work regularly.

  • Thailand (2016)
  • Portugal (2017)
  • Mallorca (2018)
  • Tuscany (2019)
  • Coronaland (2020)
  • Provence (2021)
  • Croatia (2022)
  • ?? (2023)


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