Digitization of Spitex

OPAN® simplifies and accelerates the assignment process

In Spitex - the hospital's external help and care - a lot of value is already placed on electronic data. Be it in planning, quality assurance, communication or data exchange. The allocation tool OPAN® strives for integration and networking in the healthcare sector and connects the various service providers with each other.

Standardized registration for Spitex services

It is not uncommon for a doctor or other referring institution not to know exactly who is responsible for providing Spitex services at the place of residence of the person in need. Instead of making time-consuming inquiries, referring physicians can use OPAN® to access a registration system that is available around the clock and automatically assigns the patient to the correct Spitex address based on his or her place of residence. The standardized registration process already covers a large part of German-speaking Switzerland.

Expansion into a customer platform for private individuals

Since referrals to Spitex are not only made by health professionals, but to a large extent also by private individuals, OPAN® not only offers interfaces to the specialist applications, but in the future also a customer platform. Increasingly, patients or their relatives are using the Internet to find out about possible nursing or care services for themselves or their loved ones.

A win-win solution for referrers and for Spitex

The online patient registration system has proven its worth as an assignment tool since its launch at the beginning of 2013. To date, over 45,000 registrations have been transmitted simply, securely and quickly to the responsible Spitex organizations. Due to the large number of registrations, the quality of the data supplied has been noticeably improved. Today, SPITEX BERN receives about 90% of the registrations from health care institutions via OPAN®. A success factor of OPAN® is that the registration can take place at any time, independent of the availability of the Spitex by telephone. It is therefore a win-win solution: the referrer can register at any time and the Spitex organization receives standardized, high-quality registration data.

With or without interfaces

All functions of OPAN® are available via a web interface (GUI). Access is therefore possible from any location and without interfaces. In addition, OPAN® offers a comprehensive interface solution (API) for referring physicians, with which all interactions can also be carried out without a web interface. On the receiving side, the leading Spitex specialist applications are already connected via an interface. With the planned introduction of the electronic patient dossier, OPAN SPITEX AG will further advance the networking and the expansion of the interfaces.

Implemented by cloudtec



e-Health platform

Register quickly, securely and around the clock online with Spitex. OPAN is the leading online platform for Spitex services and has been developed by cloudtec since 2012. Together with the customer, we were able to make the platform a success.

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Web platform with member portal

Member management, job exchange, newsletter system, store and CMS - all from one source. For the Swiss Physiotherapy Association and its 16 cantonal and regional associations, we have set up a customized complete solution for the administration of their members, the store and a comprehensive CMS solution.

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