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OPAN® is the most widely used platform for online patient registration for Spitex services.

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OPAN® is the most widely used platform for online patient registration for Spitex services.

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Electronic networking between the various partners in the healthcare system is becoming increasingly important. The information paths are becoming faster, more secure and clearer. Data protection and data security as well as increased efficiency and time savings are important success factors in the environment of constantly increasing cost pressure.

The leading online platform for referrals to Spitex

Over 45,000 online patient registrations are processed annually

Online platform is available in four languages around the clock

Offers comprehensive interface solutions for hospitals and Spitex specialist applications

Used by over 350 hospitals and 450 Spitex organizations

Reliable partner

User-friendliness was and is a high demand on our system. This requirement was always in the foreground for cloudtec during the development. Furthermore, the professional consulting and the implementation of the project make cloudtec a reliable partner for us.

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Karin Zehnder Product responsible OPAN®

I can highly recommend the cooperation with cloudtec!

OPAN SPITEX AG found the ideal partner for the development of the online patient registration OPAN® in cloudtec. Within a very short time our idea was understood and implemented. The optimal functionality of the system has already convinced several users. The cooperation was positive throughout.

Claudia Kirsch Former project manager
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The particular challenge of the project was to find a balance between the highest possible data quality and diversity and a streamlined registration process. A standard had to be defined that would suffice for all Spitex registrations. The registration process was to be made more efficient and also possible outside opening hours, i.e. at any time and from anywhere. Manual processing was reduced to a minimum and the registration process itself was significantly simplified.

The result is a very proven and popular service today that continues to be steadily expanded. OPAN® not only enables a quick and easy registration of patients by institutions, physicians and private persons, but also the costs for the processing of the registration could be reduced significantly.


Longstanding successful partnership

cloudtec operates and develops the successful OPAN web platform since 2012 and has contributed significantly to its success. The software, developed in cooperation with Spitex, enables individual Spitex organizations to validate and process electronic registrations. Interfaces for checking the data as well as for the transfer into Spitex applications were integrated.

OPAN® offers extensive interfaces and APIs, which are used by providers (hospitals and medical practices) as well as by recipients (over 250 Spitex organizations).

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