Digital binding setting

Stöckli Omni-channel e-commerce platform

Stöckli is the first company to launch a digital binding setting for online ski sales

Stöckli Swiss Sports AG has successfully expanded its website into a comprehensive OMNI channel platform for skis. In the process, the Swiss ski manufacturer can boast a pioneering innovation in the field of digital binding adjustment that sets a new standard for online ski retailing. For the customer, this step means a new, unique shopping experience.

Individual development by cloudtec

Stöckli's new OMNI channel platform has been developed over the last 18 months and is operated by a dedicated team at the Malters site. In order to offer the customer a seamless shopping experience, state-of-the-art software tools are skillfully integrated. cloudtec developed the service bus, which connects the various peripheral systems (ERP, Magento, PIM) via interfaces. The B2B channel, respectively the retailer portal was developed as an individual solution by cloudtec. Surrounding systems were integrated in cooperation with other partners of Stöckli on the service bus operated by cloudtec with REST APIs .

An in-house development was also used for configuring the binding settings. After all, one of the biggest hurdles for the online purchase of skis is the professional setting of the binding. Until now, this was not possible according to current standards and safety regulations.
Stöckli has created a solution for this, which cloudtec was allowed to implement. Now you can buy a ski online at Stöckli and, if you wish, have the binding adjusted ready to ride by a Stöckli expert and delivered to your home .

This process is carried out using BFU-certified testing equipment, among other things, and is only possible thanks to innovative proprietary software development, with which the customer can easily transmit the relevant information using his smartphone, for example, and a final check is integrated after receipt of the
skis. Stöckli's new, digital binding setting thus defines a new standard in terms of user-friendliness and security in online retail with skis.

The media release from Stöckli

Here you can find the media release from Stöckli.

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