LUNA Intranet

Comprehensive intranet solution and website combined

Thanks to years of market research and feedback from our customers, the idea for Luna Intranet was born. Our intranet solution is built on modules developed primarily for organizations in the healthcare industry. It combines the most important intranet services in one: mobile access, comprehensive global search functions and multilingualism. In addition, a website with responsive design was implemented. 

LUNA Intranet

Comprehensive intranet solution and website combined

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Bilingual website using CMS

Optimized for desktop, tablets and smartphones

Modular intranet solution for customers from various industries

Elastic Search Integration


Project description


The standard module, which contains the most important intranet functions, serves as the basis. Furthermore, we have developed modules to facilitate the daily routine: Push notifications, contract management, short-term assignments, CIRS reporting system, lending system, external contacts, single sign-on, course management and a marketplace. Our overall solution enables the management of documents as well as personnel in one place, saving time and money.


Based on the CMS Sulu, customers can adapt content independently and at any time, as well as network with each other. With our success package, customers are trained extensively on the CMS. 


The data is stored in Switzerland. Our scalable and redundant data center infrastructure ensures the secure operation of your intranet instance. Each intranet instance is completely isolated from other intranet instances not only at the application level but also at the data level.