Fund for road safety

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The Road Safety Fund (FVS) has the legal mandate to promote the safety of all road users (car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians). The FVS has around 20 million Swiss francs at its disposal each year. This money comes from a contribution that every motor vehicle owner pays together with his liability insurance premium. In order to achieve the greatest possible effect, the FVS gives priority to projects that appear particularly suitable for reducing the number of serious road accidents. The financial resources are therefore allocated according to priorities that are determined on the basis of the accident analysis and in dialogue with the partners of the FVS.

Fund for road safety

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The challenging task of mapping our business processes online and making the entire portal as user-friendly as possible was mastered by cloudtec with flying colors! Our needs were immediately understood and taken up, on the basis of the mockups we could be live from the beginning. Thanks to the very pleasant cooperation, we decided to expand the portal even further together with coudtec.

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