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You can run our solutions platform-independently on a wide range of devices. You not only benefit from our expertise in developing applications, but also in analyzing your business processes and recording your requirements. We see ourselves as a mediator between business and software development.

Web portals summarize information and functions for a specific target group and help to simplify and digitize processes. The aim of portals is to facilitate processes and offer users added value.

A portal is accessed via a web browser on a computer or via the integrated browsers of smartphones and tablets. Web portals do not need to be installed and are easily accessible to authorized users. Thanks to our tailor-made solutions, we can develop appealing designs and highly functional and user-friendly web portals that shine through simplicity.

Generic Architecture cloudtec Platform
Typical portal architecture from cloudtec

Properties of portals

As a rule, a portal has one or more of the following properties.

  • The content of the web pages differs for logged-in users.
  • The content of the web pages differs according to the role of the logged-in users.
  • A portal combines several different applications, for example, CRM, product inventory, sales, etc.
  • A portal allows employees to collaborate through applications, content or documents. This for example via a wiki, with which the internal knowledge base is recorded.
  • Portals often work with widgets, mini-applications, which can be used again and again on different pages, for example a stock ticker.
  • A portal informs users about changes in the process or about new events.

cloudtec as a development partner

Our proven subject matter experts develop individual portal solutions tailored to their needs. Cloudtec operates various SaaS solutions and offers cloud solutions for special requirements.

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