What is a hosting platform?

Platform hosting

Every website and online platform needs a server that is home to this service. Anyone who interacts with the online platform therefore accesses this server. Platform hosting is thus the infrastructure and accordingly significant for reliable operation.

What is a hosting platform? 

A hosting platform is essentially infrastructure components that serve as the basis for a specific online platform. Professional providers implement this with dedicated servers in high-performance data centers.

A number of functions are necessary for platform hosting . First of all, this is the hardware with the resources. An online platform requires not only storage space but also computing power and RAM. 

In addition, other technical requirements are necessary for the operation of online platforms. These include a fixed IP address. A high data bandwidth for upload and download is also very important. This ensures fast page loading and rapid data transfers. Equally important are backups and redundantly designed containers that ensure trouble-free operation of the online platform. 

Other features that a good hosting platform should offer are load balancing and the option to set up your own cloud services.

What platform hosting providers are there? 

Platform hosting is a niche market. There are many hosting providers that provide infrastructure and hardware. However, configuring the various components necessary for platform operation, integrating and connecting interfaces, and secure VPN tunnels for data extraction from corporate networks are game-changers that cannot be offered by standard hosters.  

In the area of platform hosting, there is an enormously wide range of choices. This starts with the free hosters. Here, customers receive a minimal service package, but it is completely free of charge. The performance of the servers is usually poor, as the systems are overloaded. In addition, elementary functions such as SSL or databases are often missing. A free hoster is therefore no basis for a professional online platform. 

Other providers have specialized in modular systems or specific platforms such as WordPress. Here, development is simple because the modular systems can often be created via graphical interfaces and without configuration. For individual online platforms, on the other hand, which are expanded over time, these solutions are less suitable. 

Furthermore, there are IT service providers who realize individual platform hosting on their own infrastructure. Here, maximum flexibility is available with regard to the design of the platform. These service providers provide all the services and resources required to operate a professional and complex online platform.

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