What are Symfony and Sylius?

Symfony and Sylius

Symfony and Sylius are used for custom application development. They are frameworks based on PHP. Both belong to the category of open source software and are published under the MIT license.

What are Symfony and Sylius? 

Symfony is a development environment that brings tools, libraries and methods for creating applications. Thus, it is a kind of building block principle that enables the creation of applications and web solutions. This concept makes it faster, easier and, above all, cheaper to develop custom solutions.

Sylius is a framework that focuses on the area of e-commerce. It builds directly on Symfony. Sylius has the same core structure as Symfony. The difference is that the libraries and modules focus on the creation of online stores and similar solutions. Thus, e-commerce functions for customer management, the integration of payment processing or social logins are available as building blocks.

In addition to the libraries, the components of the two frameworks also include templates and ready-made application units. These are already fully executable on their own. Also preconfigured is the use of a database. With these features, both PHP frameworks are good platforms for the implementation of individual software projects.

How are Symfony and Sylius implemented?

When developing software with Symfony and Sylius the pre-configured components are used. All required and desired functions can be selected from them. The individual components have interfaces, so that the data exchange functions smoothly.

Thus the basis for an individual software solution develops very fast and with small expenditure. Nevertheless the two Frameworks offer much area for the adjustment of the functions. Here the open source concept is a central advantage. It allows direct changes to the source code.

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