Custom software development

Custom software development

Modern applications are playing a central role in more and more companies. Increasingly, they are also being used in the specialist departments. Here it is important that the software adapts to the processes and requirements of the company. This is where individual software development comes into play.

What is understood by individual software development?

Every software goes through a phase of development. Since this is usually very complex, such software is used everywhere in an unchanged form. A good example is the Office platform from Microsoft. It is used millions of times worldwide and is always exactly the same.

If, on the other hand, a company needs a software solution that exactly reflects its own processes, it must develop its own application. For a long time, such individual application development was associated with high costs. Nowadays, this is different thanks to frameworks and technologies such as no-code or low-code.

IT service providers create individual applications for companies based on these technologies at competitive costs. This makes individual software development feasible even for small and medium-sized enterprises.

There are also few limits to the scope and functions of this software. With the extensive frameworks, it is possible to develop small mobile applications or multifunctional online platforms . Front-end and back-end applications as well as individual workflows are also created in this way.

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